Stéphane Côté

Professor of Organizational Behaviour 

Director of the PhD Program

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto


Stéphane Côté

Professor of Organizational Behaviour 

Director of the PhD Program

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto


Click here to read Stéphane's 2017 Journal of Experimental Psychology: General paper with Michael Kraus, Nichelle Carpenter, Paul Piff, Ursula Beermann, and Dacher Keltner on how much people affiliate with interaction partners from the same social class and from a different social class.


Click here to read Stéphane's forthcoming Emotion Review paper with Christopher Miners (lead author) and Filip Lievens on designing and evaluating the validity of measures of emotional intelligence.


Click here to read Stéphane's forthcoming Social Psychological and Personality Science paper with Max Barranti (lead author) and Erika Carlson on how to test hypotheses about the consequences of (dis)similarity using polynomial regression and response surface analysis.  


This winter the lab will continue to pre-register all confirmatory studies, using the AsPredicted website. In addition, we will continue to post questionnaires, data, and code for analysis for published papers on the DataVerse Project website whenever possible.


Click here to read Stéphane's 2016 Academy of Management Journal paper with Sean Martin (lead author) and Todd Woodruff on how parental income relates to future narcissism and leadership effectiveness. The research was covered by the Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, and CNBC


Welcome Bonnie Le! Bonnie began a position as a post-doctoral fellow in the lab on July 1, 2016. Bonnie earned her PhD in social psychology at the University of Toronto.


Welcome Chloe Kovacheff and Joyce He! Chloe and Joyce began their PhD in Organizational Behavior at the Rotman School last September.


Congrats Rachel! Rachel Forbes earned a University of Toronto Excellence Award for summer 2016. She worked on research on the psychological effects of social class mobility.


Congrats Jenny! Former lab post-doctoral fellow Jennifer Stellar began a tenure-track faculty position in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto on July 1, 2016.


Stéphane Côté's research with Julian House and Robb Willer on how economic inequality relates to the generosity of higher income individuals is now published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (click here to download). The research was covered by Bloomsberg BusinessQuartz, and La Presse.
















Employees from Lower SES Backgrounds Are Less Likely to Have Mentors at Work, But Why? Results from a Survey of Employed Adults
Amber Holden
Research Roundtable on Gender and the Economy, Rotman School of Management, Toronto, ON
November 16, 2016


Economic Inequality, Income, and Prosociality
Stéphane Côté
University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business
November 9, 2016


Social Class, Inequality, and Prosocial Behavior
Stéphane Côté
Society of Experimental and Social Psychology, Santa Monica, CA
October 1, 2016


Higher Social Class Predicts Higher Leadership Ambition
Ray Fang
Academy of Management meeting, Anaheim, CA
August 5-9, 2016


How Economic Inequality and Income Shape Self-Beliefs and Worldviews
Stéphane Côté
Inequality and Decision Making conference, The Tobin Project, Cambridge, MA
August 4-5, 2016


Economic Inequality and Generosity
Stéphane Côté
Association for Psychological Science conference, Chicago, IL
May 28, 2016


Accuracy of Self-Rated Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance
Stéphane Côté
Society for Personality and Social Psychology convention, San Diego, CA
January 30, 2016