MBA level

Course code: RSM 2618

Course description: This course provides students with models, skills, and tools needed identify the role of social intelligence—the ability to navigate complex social relationship and environments—in organizational life. First, we learn about models of social intelligence. Then, we apply this knowledge and develop our social skills through a series of experiential exercises, assessments, lectures, case studies, and examples. In addition, guest speakers will describe how social skills are assessed and enhanced in various large organizations, including Google. The course will cover topics such as:

•             How good are we at knowing how others are feeling, and if others are lying?

•             How well do we understand the impressions that we make on others?

•             What are the most effective strategies to manage one’s own emotions?

•             How do emotions change risk perception, creativity, and decision-making?

•             How do we boost positive emotions to make work more enjoyable and more productive?