PhD Level

Course code: RSM 3064

Course description: This Ph.D. course is an introduction to organizational behaviour. It provides an overview of research on traditional (e.g., performance, decision-making) and more recent (e.g., cooperation, ethics) criterion variables in organizational behaviour. It also covers research on several of the main sets of predictor variables (e.g., personality, leadership) in the field. In addition, an important part of the course is devoted to the generation of research questions and theoretical statements. Most of the sessions will focus on specific organizational behaviour topics. For each chosen topic, both theory and empirical research will be covered, and the linkage between theory and findings will be emphasized. The other sessions will focus on the craft of organizational scholarship. These sessions will offer a description of the field of organizational behaviour, describe how to identify research questions that make important contributions, and provide guidance on the development and evaluation of theoretical arguments about how organizational behaviour constructs are related.